Quang Tin Province Enemy Forces

Military Region 5 (Front 5)
          Nong Truong 2nd NVA Infantry Division
                HQ 2nd NVA Infantry Division
                1st VC Infantry Regiment (40th, 60th,90th VC Battalions)
                31st NVA Infantry Regiment (1st, 2nd, 3rd Infantry Battalions)
                10th NVA Sapper Battalion
                12th NVA Artillery Battalion
                GK40 NVA Engineering Battalion
Front 4
                72nd VC Liberation Front Infantry Battalion
                74th VC Liberation Front Combat Support Battalion (mortar)
                14th VC Liberation Front Anti-aircraft Anti-tank Battalion
                V30 VC Recon Coy*

* As far as I could assertain, a coy is roughly the equivelant  to a company

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