2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment Chapter

Chapter Officers

Commander: Dwight Sypolt (Cos. B & 2/1)     email: dwightsypolt@yahoo.com
    Vice-Commander: Richard (Rich) Heroux (Co. B 2/1)     email: rheroux1@nc.rr.com
        Secretary/Treasurer:   John Woyanski (Co. A 2/1)     email: sec.treas.2.1.jgw@gmail.com or
            At-Large Council: Jesse Mendoza (Co. B 2/1)     email: eboney3851@att.net
            At-Large Council: Chuck Holdaway (Co. B 2/1)     email: chuckhol2@gmail.com

** ADVA Executive Council Representative: Carl Fryman (Co. C 2/1)     email: carlfryman@fuse.net
** Non-voting officer position
Officers may be contacted through the "Webmaster" page or their individual email addresses

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