2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Chapter By-laws



2nd Battalion 1st Infantry Chapter, Americal Division Veterans Association.



To promote friendship and fraternal goodwill among all persons who served in the 2D Battalion 1ST Infantry and in the Americal Division.



SECTION I MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all who served in an assigned or attached status during any periods with the Americal Division, or with the 2D Battalion 1ST Infantry when those units were part of the Active Army. This includes World War II (1942-12945), Korean War/Panama Canal Zone (1954-1956), Vietnam War (1967-1972), or the Global War on Terror (2005- ). Eligibility for membership also includes those who served with Task Force 6814 and Task Force Oregon.


SECTION 2 DUES: Annual and lifetime membership dues will be evaluated during the annual chapter meetings. Dues will be payable January of each year. Any member, being duly notified by an officer that dues are in arrears, will be placed on the inactive list within 30 days after notification. Reinstatement will be made when the member has fulfilled his/her dues obligation.

SECTION 3 ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE: All members in good standing in attendance at the annual chapter meeting are eligible to vote in any matter duly brought before the membership body.



SECTION 1 ROSTER OF OFFICERS: Chapter officers shall be as follows: Commander, Vice Commander, Secretary/Treasurer, and 2 At-large council members.




A. The Commander is responsible for the options of the chapter. He shall preside at all general meetings of the chapter. He shall create such committees as is necessary for the conduct of chapter activities, and he shall appoint the members to these committees. He shall receive and check all records and reports submitted by other chapter officers or committee chairmen.

B. The Vice-Commander shall assist the Commander in the operation of the chapter. He shall perform the duties of the Commander in the Commanderís absence. The Vice-Commander reports to the Commander.


C. The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the official minutes of the Chapter general meetings. He shall maintain Chapter correspondence, files and membership records. He shall receive, hold and disburse all monies for the Chapter. He shall maintain such financial records so as to document their receipt and disbursement. He shall notify members of their dues status and keep records of payment. The Secretary/Treasurer reports to the Commander.



D. At-large Council Members shall be involved in regards to all chapter related items that may arise between annual chapter meetings requiring a decision affecting the chapter. They shall have voting rights along with the 3 officers and are considered as members of the officers board. They shall perform duties to assist the Commander, Vice-commander and Secretary as needed. They report to the chapter officers.




A. All Officers shall be elected by majority vote of those present and voting at Chapter annual meetings. A term of office begins immediately after the adjournment of the Chapter annual meeting at which the election is held and runs for a period of two years or the next chapter annual meeting following that two year period, whichever is first. At-large council members shall be elected in the off year of the officer elections to enable them to overlap any change at the officer level. At the determination of the Commander, in the unlikely event there is no annual chapter meeting, elections may be conducted by email and mail, with the results dependent on the majority vote of those responding.



B. In case a vacancy occurs in any of the elected positions, the Commander shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term until the next election.



SECTION 1 LIST OF STANDING COMMITTEES: The only standing committee to exist will be the Finance Committee.



A. The Finance Committee shall be composed of the commander, vice-commander, secretary/treasurer and the 2 at-large council members.

B. The Finance Committee shall approve, by majority vote, all expenditures beyond the routine banking, newsletter postal and office expenses of the chapter.

C. In case a vacancy occurs in any of the Standing Committee position (except for ex officio members) the Commander shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term until the next election.



The Commander shall appoint a Chapter Newsletter Editor(s). The Editor(s) shall publish the newsletter at periodic intervals and distribute primarily via electronic means.


†††††††††††††††††††††††† ARTICLE VII AMENDMENTS


SECTION 1. METHOD: These By-laws may be amended at the annual chapter meeting by two-thirds vote of those members present and voting.

SECTION 2. DUE NOTICE: Draft amendments shall be submitted to the Commander at least 60 days prior to the Chapter annual meeting. The Commander, through the Secretary, shall provide members the draft amendment for their consideration via postal or electronic communication at least 30 days prior to the Chapter annual; meeting. No amendment shall be considered without due notice.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.

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