Americal Division Order of Battle - Assigned and Attached Units


Division Infantry Division Artillery Division Support
2d Battalion, 1st Infantry 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery (105mm) 23d Medical Battalion
3d Battalion, 1st Infantry 1st Battalion, 14th Artillery (105mm) 23d Supply and Transport Battalion
4th Battalion, 3rd Infantry 3d Battalion, 16th Artillery (155mm) 26th Engineer Battalion
1st Battalion, 6th Infantry 3rd Battalion, 18th Artillery (175mm/8" SP) 523rd Signal Battalion
1st Battalion, 20th Infantry 1st Battalion, 82d Artillery (155mm) 723rd Maintenance Battalion
3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry 3d Battalion, 82d Artillery (105mm) 23rd Administration Company
4th Battalion, 21st Infantry Battery G, 55th Artillery (.50-cal MG) 23rd Administration Company
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry 23rd Military Police Company
1st Battalion, 46th Infantry Division Reconnaissance
5th Battalion, 46th Infantry Troop F, 8th Cavalry (Air) 328th Army Security Agency Company
1st Battalion, 52nd Infantry Troop E, 1st Cavalry (Armored) 635th Military Intelligence Company
Troop E, 1st Cavalry (Armored) 3rd Military History Detachment
Division Aviation Troop F, 17th Cavalry (Armored) Americal Combat Center (Provisional)
14th Aviation Battalion (Combat) Company E, 51st Infantry (Long Range Patrol) 27th Chemical Detachment
16th Aviation Group Company G, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 87th Chemical Detachment
123d Aviation Battalion (Airmobile) AMERICAL Scout Infantry Company (Provisional) 90th Chemical Detachment
212th Aviation Battalion (Combat) Troop H, 17th Cavalry 10th Public Information Detachment
31st Public Information Detachment
Temporary Assignment
1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry (Armored)
Chu Lai Defense Command (Provisional)

23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL) Formation Assets

Components Assets derived from:
23d Infantry Division Support Command 15th Support Brigade
23d Administration Company Company A, 6th Support Battalion
23d Supply and Transport Company 94th Supply and Service Battalion
723d Maintenance Battalion 188th Maintenance Battalion (bulk)
26th Engineer Battalion
523rd Signal Battalion 509th Signal Battalion
Company E, 51st Infantry (Long Range Patrol) Detachment A (Long Range Patrol)*
123rd Aviation Battalion 161st Aviation Company
175th Engineer Company:
Company B 555th Engineer Company
Company C 6th Engineer Company
Company D Company B, 39th Engineer Company
Company E (Float Bridge) 554th Engineer Company

*Provisional long range patrol unit formed from the provisional long range patrol detachment,
196th Infantry Brigade and men with long range patrol experience from the 11th and 198th Infantry Brigades.

This order of battle was obtained from the book entitled "Vietnam Order of Battle" by Shelby L. Stanton, 1986, published by Galahad Books, NY,NY. Refer to page 80.

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